The purpose of the Women In Innovation Summit
is multi-faceted.

  • It is important for like-minded people to convene. To share ideas, to be inspired, to make dream bigger.
  • It is important to set an example of what is possible when energy is given to a particular area of interest. WINS 2012 set the course for several change initiatives to develop and measure as proof of the possibilities for small efforts by many to garner big changes.
  • It is important for conversation and connections to be spurred. Through the speakers, breakout groups, audience participation and ongoing forums WIN plans on being a uniting force for the furtherance of the empowerment of women.
  • It’s important for women to push themselves to take action, to take a stand and raise their voice for the sake of humanity.
  • It is important for women to do something visible, measurable and powerful in order to garner the trust and support of organizations whose visions align with ours.

Women In Innovation Summit