Services for women in business

Becoming an innovator and maintaining innovative approach is an audacious act. It is a transformative process of change that takes courage. This is true for both individual women and organizations.

We believe that by offering powerful services that support both individual women who innovate and corporate teams as a dynamic group who work for positive change we can increase the quantity and quality of impactful innovations in the world.

Here are some options how Women in Innovation can work with you:

  1. Solutions Strategy Session
  2. Group Coaching & Mastermind Program
  3. Consulting – create teams who innovate
  4. Facilitation of corporate retreats/team strategy meetings
  5. Speaking for fostering innovation
  6. The Summit
  7. Open events: conversations, gatherings, conference calls

Mentoring & Consulting

 Solutions Strategy Session
Become the center of the Universe! Bring your challenges to a diverse team of experts to provide you with their collective wisdom as an Ad Hoc Advisory Board. You define the problem(s) and the ideal expertise you need help with and we will gather a select – and diverse – group of experts to give you their undivided attention and facilitate the discussion to serve you to the ultimate effect. The leading inventor businesses apply this innovation model to create new inventions, patents, spin offs and problem solve. We will arrange it for you. You might discover experts you will want to hire for further work with you but there is absolutely no obligation and no sales. This confidential session offers pure expertise at your disposal. This process cuts down the time you would use to “shop” for experts, educates you to understand the issue in a larger context and helps you make decisions about your next steps. Recorded for your later perusal. 3-4 hours.

Group Coaching & Mastermind Program
Join a small group of non-competing peers from diverse industries to gain insights and wisdom through facilitated conversations on topics that matter to you. Grow yourself and your company through regular, confidential meetings where issues and challenges are discussed, shared, brainstormed and coached on. Develop advocates for your success. Curiosity is key to creativity and ability to become fascinated about life is an infinite source for ideas and potentially innovations. We cultivate the skill of wonderment and exploration. We ask questions, hold judgment and learn… We share true stories of failures and successes for the benefit of the inspired hearts. 5-12 participants in the group. Commitment: Twice a month 1 hour online meeting for 5 months. A new group to begin as soon as we have the minimum of 5 people.

Consulting: Innovation Strategies for Teams & Companies
What is on your corporate innovation agenda? Is your innovation strategy implementable? We are guides to increased performance by tapping into deeper levels of creativity on your team. We assess, coach and advise using a state of the art process to develop innovative teams (Team Diagnostic ) and activate your team to high level productiveness. We focus on both productivity and positivity! WIN offers help to inspire innovation within your organization with proven systems for building meaningful relationships while working towards common goals. The Zealyst methodology is a data-driven approach that uses smart technology to match individuals and groups based on interests, and our custom-designed games facilitate connections in a fun, real world setting. Ideas develop to innovation through collaboration. Collaboration can be challenging and succeeds only when you trust the people you work with. WIN has identified ways how accelerate the process to build trust and strengthen the team or a community.

Book a free consultation with us and explore how we can help you  and your team stay on top of your game.

Facilitation: Corporate retreats and team strategy meeting  If you want to get the best creative juices running at your next retreat or meeting, it is best to consider an outside facilitator. This way you will have a voice to call out the issues that might be hard to express otherwise and you are more likely to think outside of the box when a skilled facilitator runs the meeting for you.

Contact us for a discovery session to discuss how we can help.


Speaking Engagements for fostering innovation

Topics include:

In search of women innovators

Curiosity – The Foundation of Innovation and Leadership

Curiosity – Courage – Collaboration: the makings of innovators

Why collaboration fails – and how to make it succeed

Leadership Intelligence

Innovation Ignition on Teams

The Summit

Every other year Women in Innovation Summit features the brave and bold women who innovate and drive social change and inspires those who are working towards making an impact. It is a place for meeting of minds across disciplines and cultivation of ideas for big impact across generations.Women in Innovation is a place for ideas and a meeting place for those who make innovations happen.

Check out the video from 2012. We are currently inviting 1) partners to co-create the next summit, 2) speakers to inspire and guide our audience, and 3) volunteers to help us make it happen. Please contact us if you are interested:

Events and Conversation Forums

Women in Innovation is a platform that supports the gamechangers and changemakers. We organize events and forums to listen to what innovators need and look for ways to support and inspire them.

Check our Events calendar for more details about Ignite Innovation Forums – conversations for a thriving world, and watch some videos of the past forums.

We often partner with other organizations whose missions aligns with us and whom we like to support. Check out these events on our calendar as well.

Occasionally we organize a series of conference calls ” Makers’ calls to gather around topics that inspire and ignite insights for innovators.

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