Founder of Women In Innovation

Kristiina Hiukka, founder of Women In Innovation


A trusted advisor to leaders, Kristiina Hiukka founded Women in Innovation in September 2011 as her research led her to the conclusion that women are not seen as innovators. Most people she interviewed, were able to name only Madame Marie Curie as a female innovator.

So, Kristiina set out to raise awareness about women who innovate and create opportunities for women who innovate. She saw that women have great ideas that never see the light of day because a variety or reasons. She is calling all women to innovate in all sectors of life to drive the change required for a thriving planet.

She partnered with Seattle Center’s Next 50 project and enrolled almost one hundred volunteers to help build the Women in Innovation Summit 2012.  The one day Summit was held at the Intiman Theatre on September 22, 2012. WINS2012 was nominated for the respected Sustainable Leadership Award later in 2012 by Sustainable Seattle. The Seattle Foundation has since gone on to select WIN as one of the 10 projects of the Next 50 for continuing support.

Kristiina was the Co-Leader of the successful Converge@Seattle Pacific Northwest Innovation Summit 2014  and facilitated a highly energizing session on Women in Innovation with thought provoking speaker-panelists.

[Read the Converge@SeattlePNWInnovationSummit2014_WomeninInnovation_Report2014.]

As a credentialed, professional executive coach Kristiina specializes working with innovative female CEOs and executives in male-dominated fields where they are often the only woman in the room. These are women who want to advance their careers, impact and influence without compromising their femininity and quality of life.

Kristiina is a native of Finland and has been a Seattleite for the past 20 years. She serves as the Honorary Vice Consul for Finland for the State of Washington. She is a dynamic motivator and is renowned for her international executive and team coaching and training delivery experience. She leads workshops, speaks at conferences worldwide and is a sought-after interviewer and moderator. Her expertise in the subject of women in innovation is garnering attention worldwide.

Kristiina’s work with women worldwide led her to create Women of Fifty – an international documentary project she is still working on. As a team and executive coach Kristiina has worked with leaders and executives from companies like Nokia, Microsoft, Vulcan, Bank of America, Kodak, Symantec, American Red Cross and others. She is a co-author of the Finnish college-level textbook, Tiedon Kauppiaat (Merchants of Knowledge) published by WSOY and the Write Life Diary, a self-exploration journaling guide. Mastery is at the heart of all her work. More about Kristiina at her website. [hr]

You can invite Kristiina to speak at your events or consult her on matters of leadership and innovation. To inquire her availability, please email or call 425.462.6613.