By: Guest Blogger Abiola Akanni of Bora Bora Style. 

Tuesday February 19, 2013 — Remember when you were a young lad and everything seemed like an adventure? The world was a new place, and exploring it was the most exciting thing ever! You were curious about everything, and fear was a foreign term. One day you did something your mother didn’t approve of, and to ensure you didn’t do it again she put the fear of God in you. At school, the next day your teacher cuts your recess time in half for failing to do an assignment as instructed, and you begin to learn if I do this, I’ll loose this. As a result, your curiosity fades away because of the supposed risks associated with it.

Kristiina Hiukka, Founder of Women in Innovation, excited my curiosity at the most recent Young Female Entrepreneur event, and luckily the “curiosity developer” will be discussing the theme yet again at the Femmenation: Total Networking Event on March 1st! I hadn’t realized my curiosity had been lying dormant until I recognized that I was no longer using it, which is the case for many things in our lives that seem to slide under our radar for lack of use; that is until someone or something comes along and causes us to question why we ever put that ‘thing’ aside in the first place? My reason being the fear I began to associate with curiosity at a young age. But if I remember correctly, curiosity stimulated my heart, allowing me to truly experience a moment, as opposed to my head, which dilutes all emotions. In addition, curiosity allows us to discover ourselves by learning our freedoms and limitations. Why is learning about oneself so important? Well, I figure each of us desires to live the fulfilled life we were destined to live, instead of the less than appetizing one we may be coasting through at the moment, and if that’s the case, we can’t reach that goal unless we have an understanding of who we are. Understanding brings forth a knowing or certainty, at which point we can unlock our purpose and ultimately live the life we were made for. Now who wouldn’t want to know about that?

Below are a few steps I’m suggesting for re-discovering your curiosity. The first one is easy: check your memory bank to see the last time you exercised it – like anything, if it hasn’t been used in a while you’ll probably have some trouble remembering. If no instance comes to mind, continue reading below.

How to Re-discover Your Curiosity

–     Write down a list of things that have always piqued your interest.

–     Below each item, write down a fear as to why you haven’t done it.

–     Analyze the fear. Now analyze the item and or thing that you’re curious about. Identify which is stronger.

–     Cross out the weaker action: for example if your curiosity is stronger with a particular action, cross out the fear and vice versa. Do this with your entire list.

–     After, look at your list. Which curiosities remain?

–     Do them! You’ll have at least 1 curiosity left, start there. After you’ve done it, create another list and explore again. Instead of thinking of it as conquering your fears, think of it as living out your curiosities.

Get ready to live! Thank me later. Meow.


About the Writer:

Abiola Akanni is the blogger behind the girls guide BBS aka Bora Bora Style: the paradise lifestyle blog focused on spiritual health, fitness, beauty, and finesse. Visit the blog and join the community at boraborastyle.com. #happylifehealthylifeheavenlylife 

Click here to hear a short intro to Kristiina’s talk at Femmenation: Audio Preview invite to Kristiina’s talk