WIN is a Pay It Forward Platform

SEATTLE – June 3, 2013

Who of the leaders of women in business“Who are you as a leader?” When I ask this question of business women, most of them describe the way they lead: “I’m the one who shows the way/ takes the calculated risks/ makes the final call/ inspires others to work toward the vision/ get the deal done.” And so on.  Sometimes they see themselves as “servants” – being in service to others in the organization so that they can perform to the best of their potential and participate in fulfilling the purpose of the company.

Often a leader sees herself as a teacher, coach or a mentor. These teacher-servant leaders have a bigger impact than they will ever know. When they deliver their wisdom with the humility and passion Continue reading WIN is a Pay It Forward Platform

Which way are women leaning?

By Kristiina Hiukka, Founder

SEATTLE – April 5, 2013

I’ve been fascinated by the conversations sparked by the two leading women of social media, CEO Marissa Mayer of Yahoo and COO Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. They represent the new look of corporate women leadership by being outspoken about the their life style choices and views on gender balance at home and in the workplace. Sandberg’s Lean In book and self development program have been the hot topic in all media since the International Women’s Day when it was launched.

Sandberg said in an interview that “it’s in everyone’s interest to support women whether they work in a home or in a workplace.” So, how do we support women? Do women need support?

Over the last few decades a myriad of women’s organizations have been created to serve the needs of professional women. But how are they serving the true needs of the modern woman of business? Are they addressing the issues with the rigor needed to affect the realities women are facing in business and in life in general? What are they actually advancing and advocating for? Are they places where women feel safe to “be themselves” or are they challenging women to grow and take risks? Are they places where women share the sorority spirit and friendship? Or are they places where women challenge each other and collaborate?

Are these programs and organizations inadvertently “fixing” women to be more like men in order to succeed in the “men’s world”? Is it required that women should become more competitive Continue reading Which way are women leaning?

Welcome to Women in Innovation!

Women in Innovation is a community for women with Big Ideas – ideas that transform the way we live and work.  What’s your Big Idea? What is your Big Vision? There is no shame in thinking big and boldly here. Women who gain support and success through our coaching, consulting and mentoring play big and pay it forward in the WIN community. WIN is a “Pay it Forward Platform”  – when one of us learns, everyone benefits.

Our growing global community connects online in the social media and in our events. Our signature event, Women in Innovation Summit convenes women from all around the world every other year – on  November 20th 2014 we gathered for Converge@Seattle Pacific Innovation Summit 2014 in partnership with PNWER, and sponsors like Alaska Airlines and Washington Business Alliance. Reports, photos and videos are  being added on the Converge website as they come available.

Innovation is more than an idea, though. We define it as “a great idea put into practical use, shared, scaled and sustained to transform the ways we live and work“. Do you share your creative, life enhancing ideas? Are you putting them into use and implementing them? Are you actively collaborating to scale your ideas? Are you a dreamer or an innovator?

We coordinate events and workshops, moderate conversations and provide consulting and coaching on topics related to women and innovation. With our mentoring, coaching, connections and guidance women who dare to dream big get the support they need to succeed. Inquire how we can help you:

We hope you got the sense of the spirit of WINS 2012 via this video – it’s about women in business “convening – connecting – creating”. Through convening to the summit we created amazing personal and professional connections that resulted in many exciting ideas and lasting collaborations. Don’t let your fears stop you from your bold dreams.  This is your time! Watch the video and share the spirit! Continue reading Welcome to Women in Innovation!