Women as a Growing Economic Force

Women as a Growing Economic Force

According to Futurist Faith Popcorn, currently young single women purchase twice as many homes as young single men. Two thirds of all undergraduate degrees and 60% of Master’s degrees are going to women. Single women between the ages of 22 and 30 earned 8% more than men in most U.S. cities. In 2011 all three winners of Google’s Science fair were women.

These are indicators that women are the key to economic growth and recovery. We do not mean recovery to something that was before the economic downturn, but to creating a new economy. A new economy with new metrics. There are signs for the new metrics in countries where not only the GDP is measured but the National Happiness Index measuring people’s wellbeing as well. Women’s creativity and gift for management make them natural inventors and employers. Their compassionate focus makes them an ideal force for a positive societal shift that puts people before profits.

Popcorn also says that in the past few years women have been a major economic force. They control $12 trillion of the overall $18.4 trillion in global consumer spending. Women are making better investments than men. In a recent book titled “Warren Buffet Invests like a Girl” Buffet responded to the comparison, “Guilty as Charged.”

Female stock brokers experience higher returns, earning on average 9% while their male counterparts only see returns of 5.82%.

The influx of qualified female managers is and will be one of the most important changes going on in global business for the next decade. Companies who leverage this to their advantage will see massive rewards.

John Hagel co-founder of the Deloitte Center for the Edge, a risk management group, has said: “The future belongs to those of us, female or male, who can adopt and embrace the feminine archetype.”

The Women in Innovation Summit 2012 (WINS 2012) is built on an understanding of this reality. Women are perfectly poised to take advantage of their growing influence and to understand more about the roles the can play as active participants in the innovation economy.

Now is a great time to think outside the box, draw outside the lines, break the rules, and to redefine roles in society.

WINS Summit will feature:

    • Learning and inspiration from leaders – business, government, technology and social ventures and non-profits.
    • TED-like thought-provoking power talks on a variety of ways that women are innovating
    • Fun and interactive activities that enable participants to experience the joy of innovation
    • Relationship building. Without a doubt WINS 2012 will be a great place to connect and network with high caliber, like-minded people.
    • The Innovation Lounge and Wall of Collaboration is where potential collaborative partnerships and joint ventures begin.

Be part of the wave of energy building around Women in Innovation!

This kind of coming together of influential women is happening all over the world. Women are consciously studying their impact on the world and how their choices today will affect their children’s choices tomorrow.

Women in Innovation Summit 2012 will convene on September on 22nd at the Intiman Theatre at the Seattle Center. You are invited to register at the early bird price of $199 until June 30 (regular price $299.) Click here to register.

Come and convene, connect and co-create with us.

2012 Is the Year of Women in Innovation!

2012 is the Year of Women in Innovation!

When asked to name a women inventor, few people can think of any except for Madame Curie, the inventor of the radioactive isotope and the X-ray. She passed away in 1934.

Why is it that we cannot think of modern time women innovators? Are they not getting enough press? Are they busy inventing in areas that aren’t as visible? Do they care more about innovating and less about being in the spotlight?

What innovators do differently from other people

New billionaire Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, is a great example of a modern day innovator. She saw a need in women’s clothing and decided to play with possible solutions. And modern foundation garments were born! Then she gave her invention a highly innovative and sassy name that struck a chord with her audience.

That’s what innovators do so brilliantly:

  • they act on needs they notice
  • they initiate changes based on clear vision
  • they creatively play with product and process possibilities (while being able to tune out or ignore the naysayers)
  • they don’t limit their ability to create (based on logic, small mindedness or someone else’s narrow idea of reality)
  • they don’t mind course correcting or trying something new on their route to success
  • they persevere, thinking: “why not me?”
  • they love the idea of bringing novel solutions to problems and challenges

Women are particularly attuned to creating, inventing and innovating for the wellbeing of individuals, for the betterment of society, and for the good of the greater whole. Innovation for good rather than innovation for harm is the theme we’re interested in celebrating in 2012.

Innovators follow through on their spark of genius!

Have you ever gotten a brilliant spark of genius and wondered what to do with it? Did you follow through and carry it out into practical use? What do you actually do with your good ideas? How often have you seen one of your fabulous ideas invented by someone else!

If you’re an inventor like Blakely you take a chance that you are the one person meant to bring a particular product to the market. You take the steps to make it happen and don’t listen to the all the people who tell you all the logical reasons your idea won’t work.

If you’re a social innovator like Mary Gordon, founder of Roots of Empathy, you follow your desire to create a much needed social organization or social movement. Gordon believed in building caring, peaceful, and civil societies through the responsible the development of empathy in children and adults and she put that belief into motion.
If you’re a thought leader like the author, visionary, educator and social innovator Barbara Marx Hubbard, who is the subject of a new book called “The Mother of Invention,” it is your primary nature to inspire others and to shift them into a more awakened life for a more conscious planet.

The future starts now!

Futurist Faith Popcorn has predicted that 2012 is the year of She-change. She says:

“The SHE-CHANGE is exactly what society needs right now. We need to rely on compassion more than competition and innovation more than invasion. The introduction of this new feminine power into all aspects of our lives will bring about a new era of productivity and peace.”

Because of the current distressed global economic outlook, the world needs everyone – you and I – to participate in finding innovative ways to lead toward a more sustainable world environmentally, economically and in our organizations. The soul of our world needs to be rejuvenated and the ways we live renewed so that we can all live a more balanced lives and our children’s future will be better than today’s reality.

The event of Summer 2012 is the Women in Innovation Summit

That’s why the Women in Innovation Summit 2012 (WINS 2012.com) is the perfect event at the right time. One person’s vision is important to all of us. It’s a critical time for women to embrace their innovative nature. It’s a pivotal time to gather together passionate men and women who care about contributing their very best to the world. It’s time to dream bigger, act powerfully and back passion with imagination, dedication, and perseverance.

When we convene, connect and create we naturally innovate!

Who will be attending WINS 2012?

  • WINS 2012 is a conference for thought leaders who can influence how we approach innovation.
  • Organizational leaders and participants, in both business and government, who lead in ways that support people’s highest potential.
  • Women techies who want to trail blaze in the world of technology
  • Change makers who are motivated by social impact locally and globally
  • People who are curious about what can be done better, faster, more easily and more effectively
  • Compassionate people who care about our future.

Are you one of these people? If you are, you will be in good company on September 22, 2012 at the Intiman Theatre. The combined brain, heart and soul power will be electric! Find out more and register to take part in this groundbreaking event.