WIN is a Pay It Forward Platform

SEATTLE – June 3, 2013

Who of the leaders of women in business“Who are you as a leader?” When I ask this question of business women, most of them describe the way they lead: “I’m the one who shows the way/ takes the calculated risks/ makes the final call/ inspires others to work toward the vision/ get the deal done.” And so on.  Sometimes they see themselves as “servants” – being in service to others in the organization so that they can perform to the best of their potential and participate in fulfilling the purpose of the company.

Often a leader sees herself as a teacher, coach or a mentor. These teacher-servant leaders have a bigger impact than they will ever know. When they deliver their wisdom with the humility and passion Continue reading WIN is a Pay It Forward Platform

Crowdfunding changes the way women in business shop and invest

SEATTLE – May 1, 2013

By Kristiina Hiukka
Crowdfunding for women in businessCROWDFUNDING platforms have become the new way to shop for the latest new and innovative things. More women are using their pursepower to shop for goods and services that are ethically aligned with their values or interest more consciously than ever. In the wake of the terrible garment company disasters in Bangladesh it has become increasingly important to choose carefully what you spend on – or invest in – your hard-earned money.

The crowdfunding movement has brought to light some unforeseen benefits. For example, the innovators and entrepreneurs who are presenting their products and services on various crowdfunding platforms have created an interesting pre-retail option for consumers and investors. As many crowdfunded projects are based on local manufacturing, there is a potential for creating new jobs as well.

Seattle-based innovator and entrepreneur Margaret Spencer’s DRES System Kickstarter project proved to be a successful example of a case in which people used it for pre-retail shopping, not just for investment purposes. Her dresses became popular both with women who want to look their best for their body types and also with some famed fashion designers who appraised her being the next “Donna Karan”! Among other things, Margaret uses sustainably harvested bamboo and has the dresses made in the Northwest.

Excited and enlightened by her success, Margaret will be teaching a Kickstarter Primer to help others succeed as well. She will be sharing tips and tangible tools based on her experience how to be successful in a crowdfunding campaign on May 9th in Bellevue. Go to our Events page to register.


Ignite Innovation Forum on CrowdFunding 3/11/13

 Ignite Innovation on CrowdFunding: Mon 3/11/13 @10am-11am

Women in Innovation is supporting women who innovate and encourages women to invest in women. So, the next week’s Ignite Innovation on CrowdFunding will be just about that: how does a woman who innovates fund her venture.

“It’s not your body that’s wrong; 
it’s the clothing that’s not designed 
right for your body!” says Margaret Spencer, founder of the DRES System. Margaret recently began a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to finance her innovative line of dresses to get her company a jump start.  She helps women dress their unique shape and teaches others tobecome certified stylists. The goal of her design is to make women feel confident and value their unique shape. Instead of using fruit names to denote body shapes Margaret came up with Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire to represent the four primary body shapes. The acronym for these gems shapes make up the name DRES. The dresses are made in the USA with organic bamboo fabric.

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