Where are the Stories of Women Who Innovate?

In December, we applauded the Seattle Art Museum for its marvelous “Elles” exhibition – the works of women artists from Pompidou in Paris – which showcased the ingenuity of women artists.  During the January Ignite Innovation Forum, however, we pointed out to Scott Berkun the fact that although his book is an interesting collection of anecdotes about inventors, he did not write a single story about women innovators. He lamented the fact how few there were to cite.

We concluded that maybe the time is ripe for recognizing and sharing more stories of women innovators and start curating them and writing them ourselves!  We are now welcoming stories about women who innovate: Are you one, or do you know of one?

This discussion also reminded us of one of the Audacious Challenge outcomes at the WINS 2012 when we declared that we should rally more women to become editors at Wikipedia. Currently only 9% of Wikipedia editors are women, and therefore, the “wiki-facts” mostly likely are missing out on women’s perspective.

Are you interested in learning how to become an editor at Wikipedia?

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