The Art and Myths of Innovation

During the last couple of months WIN has hosted conversations about how innovation and art are related, and the myths of innovation. Our Igniter in December was Catharine Manchanda, Senior Curator for modern and contemporary art at the Seattle Art Museum and in January Scott Berkun, author of The Myths of Innovation, ignited another interesting conversation.

Is Art Innovation – Are Innovations Art?

At first glance, it might seem that if, as Oscar Wilde says, “all art is quite useless”,  art and innovation would be at the two opposite ends of the spectrum as expressions of human ingenuity. If, by Wilde’s definition, art is considered something “useless”, innovations, on the contrary, are usually regarded as something that generates value, highly practical or adopted by a critical number of people to change the way we do things.

However, I believe that both art and innovation are sourced from the same well of creativity, passion, inspiration and vision. Whether one is an artist or an innovator, their work requires the same kind of commitment and discipline to give form to their ideas and creative thinking.

What do you think? Share your perspective!

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