The Balance of Principles

There is an urgency the world needs to experience that can only be brought about by the development of diverse thinking primarily inspired by the expansion of female and male traits in the sexes. We each bring a set of character traits that is the embodiment of our culture. It is up to us to mature and deepen these perspectives in order to sustain ourselves.

Women need to rise up and help define their value such that it can be measured. The soft intangible aspects of nurturing our children, supporting our families and organizations needs to be recognized in a whole new paradigm of contribution. Women provide the web of sustainability that has gone unrecognized and undervalued and they have allowed it to happen. It is a skewed confusion by both sexes to ascribe value to such a significant natural role.

Men need to learn how to feel deeply to fully experience the brilliance of their drive and the destruction of their need for power. If they can open a space for women to enter the hierarchy of order, more women will aspire to that standard. As natural collaborators women will be less of a threat because they seek inclusion and systems thrive when conflict is directed inside out vs. outside in.

We are the ones killing ourselves because we have not evolved as humans to explore human principles. We’ve been to busy inadvertently diminishing the very nature of what has brought about this era of technological advancement. We have underestimated the value of diversity and the value of each sex. If we can raise the flag of truce such that strong women are not ousted for shaking the male domain and threatening the female bubble, but we rather encourage this new vision of principled balance we’ve got a chance of raising the flag for humanity.

– by Charmel Bowden, Regional Executive of Jness

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