December Ignite Forum Sparks Insights

SAM Art Curator Catharina Manchanda is First Igniter

SEATTLE, WA  – On December 18th WIN held its first Ignite Innovation Forum at the offices of The Production Network’s headquarters with a dynamic group of men and women from technology to brand strategy, legal to banking and more.

Catharina Manchanda, the art curator for modern and contemporary exhibits at the Seattle Art Museum, opened with her views on creativity, art and women. As she discussed the current exhibit “Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou, Paris” from her perspective, we pondered the universal truths of the art world and it’s relevance to our individual lives.

She encouraged us to pause and look at things to create a poetic moment in time; the opportunity for an insightful revelation. She remarked that innovation in art lies in the questions the artist asks. Not unlike what makes the most successful entrepreneurs and inventors.

Ms. Manchanda went on to remind us of the importance of understanding our history as a means of driving us to innovation as it can provide us a context for the change we want to see in the world. Through our desire to create change we must have a deep understanding of the nature of what we want to change.

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