Does Diversity Serve Innovation?

How willing are you to mix it up?

I love to experiment with various and sundry things when I cook. I’m especially adventurous when it comes to new ingredient combinations. On some occasions my pan of mixed combinations become exhilarating, splendid, aromatic and tasty. While other times they are at best unremarkable, which is still better than being noticeable in their bad taste.

But each outcome has a purpose. What makes cooking interesting is that the possibilities are endless. Every combination gives more results that lead to the next eating extravaganza. Both my successes and failures provide insights, so it’s why I keep playing around.

Just like my experimentation in cooking, WIN brings people together to develop more varied and interesting perspectives and understandings of the world. And this, we believe, is a good thing. Diversity of this nature has the potential to shift our thinking, and therefore, our actions.

Ultimately, this new perspective contributes to our ability to innovate. This state of mind is the bridge to new endeavors. This inclusion of diverse combinations is what allows us to see beyond our own agenda. The collaboration of wide-ranging viewpoints can add dimensions never before considered.

What kind of diversity could you add to your thinking process to come up with and develop a good idea?

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