Thank you for making WINS 2012 a success!

Dear WINS 2012 Friend,

Thank you for supporting the Women in Innovation Summit (WINS 2012)! It was an incredible day, and we are delighted with the strong turnout and your inspired participation. More than 240 attended in person at the Intiman Theater in Seattle, and individuals from around the world participated in this event via our live streaming video at Next week,  the recap video will be available in this address as well. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you by sharing with you a recap of the day’s highlights and to let you know how you can continue to stay in touch with WINS.

As our speakers and moderators engaged in conversations about innovation in leadership, technology, and social change, many of you participated on Twitter, using the hashtag #WINS2012. We loved witnessing the inspiring and thoughtful flow of commentary on the Twitter feed, and thought we’d share a few of the fantastic tweets from the day:

@MartinaWelke “No brain left behind,” Great start to the day!
@StartupWA: Give your future self a favor from your present self! #WINS2012 become a great ancestor.
@ecobritt: #WINS2012 @MeganGaiser ignore nay sayers. Take risks. Buck the system.

Here are more great tweets from the #WINS2012 Twitter feed. Thanks to you, the conversations were so active that #WINS2012 was consistently among the top 3 trending topics in Seattle on the day of the conference!
Throughout the day, we also live-pinned on Pinterest, and we’ve created a WINS: The Day! board to share some of the best moments. For example, you’ll see the fabulous visualizations created by Patti Dobrowolski, which really captured the spirit of WINS 2012 and the incredible ideas that resulted from our Audacious Innovation Forums. You’ll also see the dynamic speakers and moderators in our panels, such as our panel on Social Change. In addition, the talented youth filmmakers from Reel Grrls shared a preview of a first cut of their film celebrating the day. Be sure to check back on the Reel Grrls’ Vimeochannels for a final edited version of their film. We’ll also share a link to this video on our Reel Grrls pin on Pinterest.

Our summit on Saturday was just the beginning of a new wave of powerful, thoughtful, and inspiring conversations that are occurring around innovation and how we can all collaborate to create a thriving future. Throughout the rest of the year, participants in our four Audacious Challenge Forums will collaborate on concrete projects that represent innovation in the economy, education, ecology, and open/emerging areas. We can’t wait to see the results of these collaborative efforts, and they will be highlighted at our next summit in 2013.

In the meantime, we encourage you to stay in touch with us. Here are just a few ways you can continue the conversation about WINS 2012, and get ready for WINS 2013:

  • Share your stories – We want to hear from you! What was your favorite part of the day? What most inspired you? How are you keeping the momentum going? You can share your stories, pictures and videos from the day on our Facebook page. You can also watch for our pictures and videos on Pinterest.
  • Stay engaged and connected with WINS and each other by following us on Twitter.
  • Learn more about stories behind WINS 2012, including the incredible WINS 2012 speakers and other innovators by checking out our blog.
  • Find out what’s next for WINS by subscribing to WINS news. We’ll share what’s important without cluttering your inbox.

On behalf of WINS 2012, The Next Fifty, all of our organizers, speakers, moderators, volunteers, generous sponsors, and other WINS friends, THANK YOU! Through your generous support of WINS, you have demonstrated that to you, the future really does matter.

With gratitude and heart,

Kristiina Hiukka, Founder

I wanted to say “thank you” for such a beautiful event on Saturday. The energy of the event was so positive … I found the speakers, the attendees, and the overall energy very inviting, warm, and positive.  As I listened to each speaker, I found that I was writing down quotes, ideas, and speaker names so that I could follow up with them.  I met attendees who I want to follow up with and connect with again.  I was inspired to move forward with my own work.  And, I was inspired to help with this event again and to do more.  ~Kerstin McInnis

I believe WIN will have a bright and sustainable future – I would love to and welcome a chance to be part of any debriefing, etc. and “what’s next?” especially in terms of periodic get togethers (more informal) that might continue to foster relationships that were launched on Saturday?  ~Leslie Sandberg

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a wonderful, ground breaking, inspiring event!  WINS was a great success! The speakers and the panel discussions in the morning were tremendous.  ~Elizabeth Harris

I just wanted to thank you with all my heart for allowing me to speak and be apart of such a wonderful event. Women in Innovation was such an incredible event and I wanted to congratulate you. It was truly amazing.  ~Jessica Markowitz

I just wanted to thank you and say how pleased I was to attend your conference this weekend. I found it inspirational! The panels were engaging and your insight was excellent. I hope the results are long-lasting.  ~Jim Kastama

I hope that we can figure out a way to keep people updated on the progress made on the audacious ideas over the coming year, and thus help set the stage for next year’s conference.  ~Solveig Whittle

CONGRATULATIONS! Pause and enjoy its success before beginning too much work on next year’s event! Do it again! This was a wonderful venue for a much needed dialog. All in all this was a great event!  I have repeated stories to so many in just the 48 hours since we were all together. Grateful for the opportunity to participate!  ~Debi Frausto

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