Welcome to WINS 2012!

Welcome to WINS 2012!

The fact that more than 200 of you have chosen to participate in this summit is an indication that the conversation about our future matters to you. You are coming from all round the U.S., and even from abroad! I’m thrilled!

Women in Innovation Summit fits perfectly into a year that has been named the Year of The Woman and into a month which is all about innovation as part of the Seattle Center’s Next Fifty celebration.

Being a woman is a wonderful, but that’s not what this conference is about. Innovations are fascinating, but it’s not the reason we have gathered experts in the innovation process, inventors and innovative leaders to share their perspectives and experience.

The reason we have put hundreds of volunteer effort and hours, time and money into creating this platform, is that we – as women and smart men – recognize that in order for our lives on this planet to thrive, we cannot afford to waste any ideas and we must take action to increase the number of them. Our future depends on it.

Often, however, we are stumped by the enormity of the issues, and don’t know how to make the change we want to see in the world happen. We hope to make things a bit more palatable by starting conversations that engage and involve. We call these Audacious Challenge Forums.

WINS was created because we believe that the process of creating begins with convening to share and connect. Our connectedness prepares our minds for co-creation and collaboration. The quickest way to have an impact on the issues that matter to us is innovation. The innovation path seems simple: share your great ideas, put them into practical use, scale and sustain them.

Our bold vision is that by bringing together leaders of innovation, inventors in technology and science, and women who drive social change in innovative ways we will generate a powerhouse for ideas and potent innovations.

The world needs everyone – men and women – to participate in exploring and discovering new, innovative ways to protect our environment, build our economy and develop innovative organizations that will foster happiness, passion and peace.

During this summit, keep an open mind, stay curious and playful, be challenged and connect to create. The world needs your ideas and participation.

See you on Saturday!
Kristiina, Founder of WINS

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