An Interview with Hope Cochran

Hope Cochran is the Chief Financial Officer of Clearwire, the fifth largest wireless provider in the United States. She’s been with the company for almost 7 years through its IPO (helping to raise $11.5 billion) and beyond. As one of the youngest women in a senior management position at a major technology company, Ms. Cochran has successfully played a variety of roles. In this informative and engaging 15-minute interview, Ms. Cochran talks about her mentoring experiences at Clearwire, how she integrates her home and work life and sets her priorities, the team-oriented work environment she both nurtures and enjoys at Clearwire, as well as her insights on how her backgrounds in both the hard science of economics and the softer science of musical performance have helped her to get where she is today.

Listen to Solveig Whittle’s interview with Hope here (audio):

Solveig Whittle
Solveig Whittle is a veteran of the computer software industry who now provides freelance marketing services to independent musicians and entrepreneurs. A student of social media, musician, citizen scientist, and mother of three, she enjoys meeting interesting people in every walk of life and listening to their stories. Solveig volunteers her time to the Women in Innovation Summit 2012 as the music program coordinator and as a member of the social media team at the Twitter handle @WINS2012. She also blogs at and tweets on music marketing and technology at @shadesofsolveig.

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