Colleen McDevitt: Giving Young People a Voice

Colleen McDevitt

For Colleen McDevitt, founder of Tabu, attending an event that promoted conversation between innovation enthusiasts was right up her alley. As a long time member of Zealyst, she’s used to making meaningful connections. However, in June when she attended a Zealyst huddle dedicated to Women in Innovation at the Intiman Theatre– Colleen was more than excited. She wasn’t going to miss “all of these people in the same room, believing in the same thing.” At the event, by submitting a problem in need of innovation, Colleen also won admission to this years’ WIN Summit. She is thrilled.

Colleen founded Tabu because of her personal passion for dialogue. Colleen specifically gives young people the power to reclaim their own voices and tell their own stories. The stance or opinion of the youth is not as important to Colleen as the voice itself. Tabu is a safe space that allows for society’s most taboo topics to be constructively and respectfully addressed by society’s most overlooked. By creating a space for the conversation to take place, Colleen has been widely successful in creating healing solidarity for many marginalized by life’s circumstances.

Like her Zealyst WIN huddle, Colleen looks forward to being surrounded by men and women committed to advancing technology and social change through the leadership of women. Tabu was formed through a simple talk by the water, so the possibilities of what could come from a purposeful conference like WIN are endless. Colleen also is a teacher on media and technology literacy; much of her work alongside of Tabu can be seen on Puget Soundoff. Her wealth of knowledge in using technology for social engagement makes her a great resource for all in attendance at the upcoming summit. Be sure to introduce yourself!

Fabricio TurciosOur author, Fabricio Turcios, recently graduated from Seattle Pacific University, where he studied Physics and Gender studies, and now serves as the newest member of the Zealyst team.

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