Why It’s Critical to the World That You Join Us for WINS 2012

Women in Innovation Summit Sept. 22nd, 2012

For decades and centuries women have indeed been innovating. They’ve been doing so quietly and without fanfare. It is time to step up and celebrate the vibrant path of innovation women are taking!

When you attend the Women in Innovation Summit on September 22nd at the Intiman Theater in Seattle you affirm the following Three Principles of Innovation for Women:

  • Women in Innovation is not about ego recognition — It’s about validating women-directed innovation so that they can make an even bigger impact around the globe as more people become aware of these contributions, projects and collaborations.
  • Women with an innovative mind set are more likely to have their greatness stimulated when they connect with other bright minds. When you connect women and men of natural intelligence, open-minded curiosity, playful discovery, and positive intentions…you activate the possibility for MORE brilliant solutions to pressing societal issues! Wouldn’t you like to be part of this dynamic?
  • Creating a more active innovation playing field for women is IDEALLY created by Women who can see the big picture. Women bring a different perspective and energy to the potentials in leadership, technology and social change. Now is the moment to balance women’s receptive, nurturing and supportive genius with women’s innovative, passionate, creative and “get-it-done” genius. Help us energize this movement and create a positive tipping point at this moment in history.

If being where fascinating and meaningful ideas come into being is important to you…we want you here with us.

If creating a heart-centered ground swell behind Women in Innovation resonates…you need to be here with us.

If discovering and expanding your own capacity for innovation intrigues you…you’ll love being here with us!

We’re holding space for you. All you have to do is choose to step into this space of possibility. Think of the potential benefit to your company, your organization, your community, and to your expanded sense of self.

What difference might one significant day make? It can lay the foundation for a whole new world! A world where the economy thrives due to the powerful contributions of Women in Innovation. A world in which positive changes are based in compassion and on a vision that benefits whole communities and countries. A world where the growth and expansion of female talents and influence is openly appreciated and welcomed.

If we want to be heard by the world, we need to first listen to those women who are pioneers in the fields of leadership, technology and social change. They are smart. They are passionate. Teenagers who will amaze you!

And they’ll be at WINS 2012!

If we want women to be seen, we need to be willing to show up ourselves! It’s time to step into your excellence.

If we want to excel locally and on the world stage we need to collaborate in the spirit of exciting possibility!

Here are three more compelling reasons to attend:

  • On September 22nd, for one day only, you have the opportunity to explore how your little idea might get sparked to greater heights.
  • On September 22nd you have the opportunity to find out how your growing inclination to serve might be applied.
  • On September 22nd discover what’s on the verge of coming into form from your own mind, heart and spirit.

Which of the following do you believe?

  • Women’s leadership is key to making progress for other women around the world and for the global economy.
  • Women’s intelligence, creativity and intuition are key to innovative solutions-focused technology that matters.
  • Women’s contributions are key to developing organizations that foster environmental health and global peace.
  • Women’s unique talents and visions deserve more recognition.

As futurist Faith Popcorn says, 2012 is the year of “She-change.”

The Women in Innovation Summit is the perfect event at the right time. Register now to be in the right place at the perfect time! You’ll always remember this turning point!

Register now – August prices: $249/person or $2,290/group of 10.

Questions? Call Kristiina Hiukka, Chair: 425.462.6613 or email kristiina.hiukka@womenininnovationsummit.org

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