Winning Fans for WINS – with Zest!

Martina Welke and Britta Jacobs, the co-founders of Zealyst, a unique networking organization in Seattle, organized a “huddle” event to highlight WINS to some 40 members.

A “huddle” is a small social gathering with a customized guest list and purpose – at great venues all around Seattle. For WINS it took place at the summit venue, the Intiman Playhouse.

What made the huddle for WINS special was how the Z-Team had created an activity for smaller groups of participants. We tackled big issues like Education reform, Waste Disposal, Health Care and revitalization of the Pioneer Square in Seattle. The fact that the groups we able to come up with solutions that would merit some serious consideration at the decision making level is a testament to the power of human ability to collaborate and co-create.

See pictures from the huddle below.

[EasyGallery id=’zealyst’]

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