Ritva Koukku-Ronde: WINS 2012 reaches wider and deeper

Join powerful, passionate, and thoughtful leaders like Finland’s first female Ambassador to the US, Honorable Ritva Koukku-Ronde at this summit. This is why she is attending:

“Finland’s innovation leadership is not only important for Finland, but also for the EU’s single market in the current severe economic situation. Finland has typically been an early adopter in the area of information technology and has, as a developer, taken a leading role in clean and green technologies.

Although women are a minority in the areas of technological and engineering sciences in Finland, as in many other countries, they have been able to influence policy-making in Finland. There are also women in prominent positions in the Finnish high-tech companies. Women have an important role in making sure that science and research cover questions related to environmental challenges and well-being. In addition, women can have a significant impact on forming innovation policies and priorities.

Women in Innovation Summit highlights an important issue which is to be discussed wider and deeper. I’m looking forward to the Summit’s diverse and inspiring content.”

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